Last week at Suffah (w/c 9th December 2019)
The Theme of the Week was ‘Rush to Do Good Works.

The children learnt about:

  • Knowing that you can do something good by helping someone
  • The reward for helping others
  • The importance of sharing our skills
  • Rushing  to help someone who is upset 
  • Giving charity to help those who don’t have much
  • Giving our time to support charities

The children and teachers have been busy preparing for the class assemblies next week as well as carrying out end of term assessments. 

Here’s our weekly Awards Display

Well done to all the children who received an award! 

Always Club
Please follow this link to find out all about Always Club. 

This weeks Always Club Members were: 

Y1 – Haaniyah  Y2 Salahudin & Manha Y3 – Zunairah & Yusuf

Y4 -Ayesha & Humaira  Y5 – Eisa & Zayd  Y6 – Zaina & Hafsa

Quran – Hammad (Y1) & Adam (Y5) Arabic – Ayub (Y5)

They enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits as part of their reward. 

They also enjoyed a round of “Heads Up”, and had a special visitor as Ust. Asif joined us for the game too!

This week at Suffah (w/c 16th December 2019)
The Theme of the Week is ‘Fear of Allah Almighty‘.

Islamic Assemblies will take place from Tuesday to Thursday. 

Friday is the last day of term and we will be returning to school on Wednesday 8th January in sha Allah.

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