Reception – Week 1 – Autumn 2

The topic for the first week of Autumn was Sea Animals.

After a week off the children in Reception class were eager to learn all about their favourite sea animals and revisit the last trip they had to the seaside.


INSET Day. A chance for the teachers to get ready for the term ahead.


The children talked about how they spent their half term holiday and recorded their news in their Weekend news book.

For arts and crafts they took turns making sea animals on paper plates and used glitter, coloured tissue paper and other material to decorate their chosen sea animal. We had crabs, octopuses, sharks and the most popular rainbow fish on our creativity wall.

The children also played ‘guess which sea animal’ game where one of them would give clues to the class of the colour, food or any other features or simply the way the animal moved for the rest to guess. 

Outside the children used giant foam blocks to make towers and walls and threw foam bricks through hoops and took turns on the bicycles.

For phonics reception children revised their phase1 and 2 letters and guessed words that started with the sound and for numeracy the children revised numbers 1 to 20 and tried counting backwards from 10 to 0.


There was an under the sea scenario set up on the tough spot tray with blue jelly for water and toy sea creatures for the children to identify. A few children attempted to draw a seahorse and others drew and decorated other sea animals.

The children also reminisced the last time they visited the seaside and named things they saw there. Starfish, jellyfish and Sand, shells and even sharks played prominent part in their memories.

For phonics the children revised all the phase 2 letters and the teachers were very pleased that almost all of the children were able to copy the letters onto their white boards but more practice is needed in writing the numbers. Simple additions were introduced.


The children looked up an educational video on sea animals. There were many, many different types sharing the ocean with each other. After which they did a rainbow fish decorating activity. 

Outside some children had fun using the sound station and a few others had a race pushing tyres and balancing on balance beams.

The children practiced writing their names for literacy. Some need practice with their pencil grip.

The children also looked  up some world news today and learnt about keeping safe during the pandemic and the election going on in America.


The children made and decorated more sea animals and practiced more fine motor skills by using Geometric boards. They also identified numbers on display.

After snack the children did P. E. They had fun moving like sea animals and cheering each other on a special obstacle course with balance beams. 

Other Matters

  • Reading books go out on Monday and to be returned on Friday.
  • Friday 2 to 3 pieces of homework go out to be returned on Tuesday.
  • Weekend readers go out along with homework on Fridays to be returned on Tuesdays. These books will be in various reading abilities where the parents should read along with their children.
  • We would also like to remind parents to label book bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, coats and specially school jumpers. 
  • No fruit juices, crisps or chocolate spread please and we would like to remind you that we are a nut free school. 
  • Golden time/show and tell Friday

Next Weeks topic will be JUNGLE ANIMALS