Asalaam Alaykum year 2 parents I pray you are well.
I hope you all have managed to get access to the year 2 workshop. Just a reminder,  children’s new email and new password have been stuck at the back of their homework books. If you have any further questions please let me know.

Here’s what we have been up to this week…

In English we have been learning about non fictions texts, we’ve been looking into contents pages, uses of glossaries and index pages. Children were also going to learn dictionary skills however a lot of the class struggled with putting words into alphabetical order, if possible please practise at home. We then had an exciting lesson where children were to use their senses to describe fruit, the fun part was we actually tasted, smelt and felt real fruit and vegetables! Children really enjoyed this lesson! Using all the amazing adjectives we came up we created an acrostic poem. MashAllah I was very impressed and will definitely share some soon. Next week we will begin a new story InshaAllah!

In maths we have been focusing on shapes, right angles and symmetry. We also have been learning how to put objects into a carol diagram, children will definitely need some more practise on this. I have sent maths homework this week however I would also like to add, children to practise their 5x table. MashAllah they have grasped their 10x table and can now move onto their 5’s. Please practise these everyday if possible including 2 x table.

In history we have now began looking at Neil Armstrong and his life. We have learnt who he was and why he is still remembered today. We watched the video of him first landing on the moon and hearing his famous words “that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

A polite request, I have had children messaging me through the dojo app in the evenings and weekends. As lovely as it is to read their messages I do try to switch off therefore, please can we keep the dojo messaging just for you lovely parents 🙂

Jazakum Allahu Khayran

Ust Ayesha