A week full of surprises at Reception!

This week Reception have been working on the story of “Handa’s Surprise” and have found out many surprises throughout the week!

On Monday, we read the story of Handa’s Surprise to the children and they all enjoyed leaning about the different fruits and animals in the story and what a surprise it was!

For phonics we have been focusing on one letter a day. On Monday we focused on the sounds of Y and what words we could make and find.

For our activities we had fun with some painting, drawing, writing and playing in the tuff tray with hay, fruit and animals.

In the afternoon, we had our cooking activity and made fruit salad! Each child cut up some fruit and had a chance to stir the bowl, we then shared this out to everyone and we hope you enjoyed eating it at home!

If you would like to make fruit salad at home please follow this recipe:

2 bananas

Half a pineapple 

Half a mango 

Blue berries 

2 tangerines – to add a touch of  surprise! 

On Tuesday we spoke about Handa’s family and where she comes from, the children then spoke about their family and how many brothers and sisters they have with the class.

During carpet time the children played a counting game on the smart board and our sound of the day was Z.

The children did a matching activity and drew their Fruit, and many children started to practice their Arabic writing.

In the afternoon, we did a number quest with the children where we hid numbers around the playground and the children went to find them. We then ordered the numbers that were found from 1-10.

The children took their clipboards outside and started practicing writing the numbers they found.

On Wednesday the children worked hard to build their skills with using scissors. We did a cutting and matching activity and the children matched the fruit name from Handa’s basket to the fruit picture.

During carpet time we spoke about the importance of healthy eating once again and for phonics our sound of the day was ZZ.

The children worked independently to produce their own drawings.

On Thursday we had a crafty day, the children got busy with some junk modelling. We all designed our own creations using boxes, cartons, toilet rolls and egg cartons.

We played a memory game during carpet time where we tried to remember the fruits and animals that were told in the story of Handa’s Suprise, we then spoke about our sound of the day which was Q.

We got even more busier in the afternoon as we recreated Handa’s fruit basket. The children colored in the fruits and stuck them onto the basket.

On Friday the children learnt their first Holy word and learnt about the importance of Allah’s (SWT) name. The children colored in their own posters to remember Allah’s name at all times.

For our P.E. lesson the children used their skill of jumping and balancing, and each child jumped onto the hoops from a height.

Reception have been working really hard with their Quran and Arabic studies. We have continued to learn the letters Alif, Baa, Taa, Thaa and Jeem. The children have been learning the Arabic words that begin with the the Arabic letters.

This week has been another exciting week and we have had fun with more surprises than ever with Reception and Handa’s Suprise! We hope you all have a good half term break and well done to Reception for all your brilliant and hard work for this term! In sha Allah we will see you in two weeks! School will start on Monday 28th October.

JazakAllah Khair from Ustadha Naveeda, Ustadha Kausar and Ustadha Fawziya.