Addition, Subtraction and Thinking Hats – Y4

Assalamu Alaikum,

Firstly I pray all parents and staff are safe and May Allah SWT grant us all safety and protection.

It has been an enjoyable and hard working week in Year 4. The children are wearing their thinking hats every week, as last week we were learning about being independent. This week, the children have been learning about staying positive and implementing a growth mindset. This is a weekly routine I have embedded in my classroom to help the children further enjoy their learning. The children have been learning to add and subtract 3-4 digit numbers whilst explaining their reasoning and thinking using key vocabulary and mathematical thinking. The children have been engaged in questions which involve deeper thinking and mastery, in order to prove their understanding. In English, the children are learning how to structure a Recount, whilst also writing for a newspaper! They have been learning about Answer, Prove, Explain whilst making cross curricular links across all subjects. The children are also self assessing themselves, but checking their work on how to improve it, as I provide detailed work mats and marking schemes to help them be reflective learners.

I have also made it a priority that the children practice their times tables and handwriting weekly, as well as their spellings. The children have also started learning about Solids, Liquids and Gases. In PE, the children are learning about quick reactions, and different running styles and how to use their pace and agility precisely. The children and I, are thoroughly enjoying school Alhamdullilah which is a big blessing. Everyday, it is an honour to be amongst them in the classroom, making use of each second as valuable learning time. May I also say, the children have been producing outstanding pieces of homework, so I am dedicating my spare time to set up a homework wall in the school, to display their quality work and show that they are excelling in their subjects!

Finally, May Allah SWT grant us all protection and safety.

Kind regards,

Ustadh Shoayb