This year at Suffah Primary School we have decided to recognise and reward the children who ALWAYS try their best, who are ALWAYS polite, who ALWAYS smile, who ALWAYS do the right thing and ALWAYS make the right choices.

Those children are invited to join the ALWAYS club and receive a special invitation to join me for a treat.

Each week:

  • The class teachers (Years 1 to 6) will choose two children from their class.
  • Ust. Aicha will choose one child for Arabic.
  • Ust. Urooj will choose one child from Years 1/2/3 for Quran / IS.
  • Ust. Mahmoud will choose one child from Years 4/5/6 for Quran / IS.
  • Ust. Ghazala will choose one child from the group of children she works with too!

Friday 22nd November was the first day of Suffah Always Club.

The children came together for yummy hot chocolate and biscuits. They all look like they had fun!

I will be laying on different treats and activities for the children every week and I hope other children will start to work hard towards getting picked for ALWAYS CLUB!

Ust. Soobia