An Overview of Week 4

We have been bustling this week in Year 3!

Have a look at what we have done:

Literacy – We have been story tracking:

We have been action sequencing:


We have been figuring out noun-verb pairs: creature emerging, monster creeping out, water rippling, marshmallows toasting, boy staring, sky darkening, fire crackling, smoke rising, footsteps approaching, twig snapping, heart racing, legs shaking/trembling, muscles tightening, head whipping, boy leaping, mallodile rising, anger growing, eyes glaring, teeth snarling, mouth watering, tummy rumbling, sparkles scattering/dispersing. (Pupils’ Original Ideas)

We have been expanding:

Science: Winners of the Homework Science Project Award are Zoha and Imaan.

Science Projects about Light:

Imaan investigating that we need light to see

Imaan’s written investigation:

Zoha’s investigation with diagrams

Zoha also knows how to keep safe form the dangers of UV light:

Art: Shades of Green and Fish Drawings

Musa’s fabulous shades of green
Zoha’s wonderful shades of green
Zaynab’s colourful rainbow fish
Imaan’s Masterpiece!
Ahlam’s Dolphin with different shades of blue

Maths: Additions Towers


Jazakallahu kheirun