Monday 18th to Friday 22nd November 2019

During our Anti-Bullying & Friendship Week at Suffah we have celebrated the values of respect, care, love, friendship, loyalty, inclusion, sharing and support. Through open discussions on key points and by exploring thought-provoking questions and a shown video, children realised that change starts with all of us working together to improve our school as well as our society in general.

We all celebrated diversity and inclusion with Odd Socks Day on Tuesday.

Children shared their own ideas during Assembly on Wednesday by having open discussion with a talking partner and then sharing their ideas with the rest of the audience.

Kindness Jars have been put in the classrooms so children could leave nice notes for others to be read at the end of the day.

Class Teachers have had circle time to have open discussions about bullying.

Children exchanged gifts and took part to our writing competition.

Teachers were also given fruit, dates, hot drinks and gifts from other members of the staff and from children.

Children were given poems and biscuits by secret admirers and fans.

Children decorated their doors with slogans:

Last but not least on Friday 22nd which was also a Just one Tree Day, children were read a beautiful, thought-provoking, environmental fairy tale which combined the values of friendship, co-operation, wisdom, patience, innocence together with consequence of greed and respect for the environment.

Next Friday 29th Writing Competition Winners will be announced!

Jazakallahu kheirun