Assalamu Alaykum Parents…

فَإِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا And, behold, with every hardship comes ease, verily, with every hardship comes ease! Ash-Sharh (The Opening Forth) 94:5-6

I pray you are all well and safe Ameen. As you all know, we have entered a National Lockdown now and all educational facilities have been closed down until mid February.

With regards to Nursery settings, there has been a lot of uncertainty with the guidance received from the government and the Suffah school management is doing their best to fulfil all the requirements.

Although we are only open to keyworker children at the moment, we may potentially reopen on the 18th January, depending on the government guidance.

In the scenario that we do open, I would recommend parents take due diligence in deciding whether to send their child in or not. We are in the middle of a Pandemic and with the new Covid-19 variant, there is a lot of unclarity on the transmission of this infection. The more precautions we take, the better it will be for all of us inshaAllah.

Nevertheless, we must stay positive and in Headteacher Ustadh Asif’s words:

“The most important thing for us all to remember is that this lockdown is a test from Allah and it is developing our patience and resilience. What we say and how we behave will be picked up by our children and then may become part of their behaviour and destiny. Allah reassures us twice in Surah Ash-Sharh that after each hardship, there will come an easing of that difficulty. We owe it to ourselves and our children that we can instil this patience in us all when it matters the most.

Moving on…

Nursery is ready for the Animals!

The theme this term is ANIMALS! I have attached the Curriculum Overview for this term, for the parents who would like to home-school their children for the duration of this lockdown.

I am also attaching my half-termly Map for this theme, for the purpose of home-schooling.


The Theme next week is ZOO ANIMALS!

The Nursery team accumulated resources to create Activity packs for the children for this week (until 15th January) and parents were asked to come and collect them. (You may have noticed the common theme in these resources was Zoo animals!).

JazakAllah to all those parents who took time out to collect these packs. A lot of love and attention had been put into creating these packs for our lovely Nursery children 🙂

Lockdown Packs

ONLINE SESSIONS (11th January – 15th January)

Your child has now been allocated a school email address. The naming convention for email addresses is so for example a child called Musa Khan will have an email address: The passwords for the email addresses are generic, this is because the email addresses are only needed for logging into the online sessions.  

For Nursery the email account password is: SuffahNur 

For the week commencing 11th January, your child will have an online lesson at 12pm every day. The meeting codes for the Google Meets sessions is: nurclass.

I would suggest you try logging in to your child’s email account over the weekend so you are ready for Monday’s session. If you have any issues logging in please email

You will in sha Allah receive another email from the school regarding arrangements for the 18th of January onwards. 


On Thursday 14th January, we will be making Banana Milkshake together for the Monkeys at the Zoo! So please have a bowl, spoon and a banana ready, for the children to mash up. Parent will then be asked to add milk to the mashed bananas so children can indulge in their handmade banana milkshake 🙂

Please make sure you keep your child’s arts and crafts creations for SHOW AND TELL this week. It can be any of the activities from the packs!


Children will have to be supervised at all times during the sessions. Please make sure you are sat with your child to facilitate the learning.

You must also keep the microphone on mute, to avoid any interferences in the session please.

I look forward to seeing all the children on Monday 🙂

JazakAllahu Khayrun.

The Nursery Team.