Assalamu Alaikum,

We have been very productive in our learning this week, as the children had their Independant Hats on this week and learned not only how to be independent but to also learn how to take charge of their own learning.

This week, the children have been working hard on their GL assessments, and also finding inquisitive methods to add and subtract. In addition, the children have learned various methods to understand their sums, and are also in the process of explaining their reasoning thoroughly to ensure independent and critical thinking is taking place. There is a positive atmosphere in our classroom, and also an enjoyment element to our learning. Also, the children are studying hard at making cross curricular links, as we are learning about Vikings. Here is our display:

The children are learning how to apply their prior knowledge and key words in their learning, as I ensure they are doing this in every lesson. It is important for the children to understand what they are learning about but also to remember their prior lessons too. Children will be recovering allocated books as well as a reading record after their gl assessments are completed In Sha Allah. Finally, the children are displaying fantastic manners and correct following of the rules. They are such a fantastic class and a brilliant example of how a Suffah child represents positive values and characteristics in the school. May Allah SWT keep them safe and happy, as well as parents and staff In Sha Allah.

Kind Regards,

Ustadh Shoayb.