Asalaamu Alaikum parents here at Suffah Tiny Giggles play group we engage mothers and toddlers in several activities, to create the best memorable bonding moments! even if it is just sitting down and playing with playdoh or solving a puzzle. These little things help strengthen a bond as well as boosts their confidence and development Insha Allah.
At this stage of their lives, they learn and develop in a lot of new things for e.g. having the right grip on a crayon and making a mark, feeding themselves and even expressing their thoughts and emotions, so encourage your children to do things themselves whilst assisting them Insha Allah. Only physical development is not important, mental and emotional development is just as vital as well. 
Last 2 week’s our Gorgeous Tiny Gigglers have been learning about WINTER weather and SPACE .

Children couldn’t wait to come back after holidays to the play group, they loved the winter theme and learnt about the clothing during winter and the feeling of this cold weather, our messy play was a highlight where they enjoyed playing with ice.

Children loved the space theme area , we had a space station set up for them to travel to different planets. A lot of role play took place in this session.