Boarding for Suffah Airlines to…Asia

Assalamu Alaykum Parents 😊

What an eventful week it’s been! Suffah Airlines had no seats left as we had a full flight around Asia. We flew from China and Korea to India and Saudi Arabia. We had so much fun learning about the different cultures and and were introduced to lots of new countries that some of us had not even heard of before.

MashaAllah I can also proudly say our nursery children know the names of the seven continents now too!

We continue our Suffah Airlines tour around the World. Next stop will be Europe!

Circle Time

In circle time this week we went through the days, dates months and Islamic month. We then looked at a map of Asia and spoke about the different countries within it. We spoke about which country in Asia some of us are from.

Every day we watched different videos and looked at pictures of the different cultures and traditions in Asia. For example, we watched a video about Tuk Tuk/Rickshaw, looked at pictures of traditional outfits and different foods etc.

We ended the circle time with going through the visual routine of the day.

Story Time

This week’s books were “Lucky Bamboo” and “The Magic pot”.

Where in the World.

Islamic Studies

We recited Surah Fatihah every day.

We also practiced our Surah Naas and Surah Ikhlaas recitation.

Please do practice all of the previous duas and Surahs on a daily basis, to help the children with memorisation.


Lots of messy play with Rice and Lentils
We made Chinese Lanterns all by Ourselves


An attempt at writing Mandarin numbers!
Busy making Chapattis and Rotis for everyone 🙂
Colouring Pandas from China!


Some Phonics learning…
Noodles with chopsticks for lunch, yum!
Fine motor skills practice, with some cheerios? Yes please 🙂
What do you do with empty boxes of Pizza left over from lunch the day before?….You play with them of course!
Cannot explore the Asian continent without including the famous Tuk Tuk/ Rickshaws rides!
We even watched a video about them to make it more realistic…


We painted mini Diyas (oil lamps made out of dough). Diyas are native to the South Asian subcontinent, used on various festivals. In some less developed regions, they are also the only source of light.
Mango Lassi (yoghurt drink) anyone?
Ingredients used for this drink were Mango pulp and Yoghurt.
Number crunching!


Very important to stay fit and healthy 🙂
We learnt that the beautiful Kaaba is in the Asian continent.
We even watched a live stream from Makkah and saw lots of people making “Tawaaf” mashaAllah.
So then we decided to draw the Kaaba ourselves whilst watching the live stream too 🙂

Please Note:

Show and Tell pictures

Since we are learning about the different countries and cultures around the world, we’d love for the children to share pictures of items from their respective country and culture at circle time for show and tell. These pictures can also be of the child from a trip to their country of origin.

You can email the pictures to us at, with a few lines describing the picture and it’s significance to the child. JazakAllah,

Suffah is a Nut-Free school.

Please remember Suffah primary and Early years is a NUT FREE school therefore any items containing Nuts will not be allowed. Please be VERY careful about what your child brings in for snack as we have children with Nut allergies in the school.

Unhealthy snack items

Please also remember we do NOT allow unhealthy snacks; for example, any chocolate items, juices and crisps etc. Please help us teach your children healthy eating concepts.

For further information on healthy snacks for children, please visit

JazakAllahu khayrun.

The Nursery Team!