Boarding for Suffah Airlines to…NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA!

SubhanAllah I must say we are quite jet lagged from all the travelling, but the excitement of all the adventures continues!

This week we’ve spent time exploring the lands of North America and the jungles of South America.

Next week is the last week of our World tour and we’ll be travelling to Australia!

Lets take a sneak peak into our week…

Circle Time

In circle time this week, we discussed the difference between North and South America. We researched animals, landmarks as well as traditions and cultures from both sides of the continent.

We watched videos of children and their lives from Peru and Canada etc.

Islamic Studies

We realised children were starting to forget previous duas and surahs that we have been learning. So we have been practising all of them, right from the beginning.

Please do practice all of the previous duas and Surahs on a daily basis, so children do not forget them.

Muddy Monday

Children all performed a Puppet show for their teachers
Lots of writing and mark making!

Tree’mendous Tuesday

Canadian Snow messy play
Painting Cactus plants
Lots of Free Flow play

Wacky Wednesday

Outdoor fun

Thankful Thursday

We made hot dogs from America!
Daily Dhuhr Salah
Story time 🙂

Faithful Friday

We watched live streaming from Makkah and spoke about the importance of Fridays.

Children carried out junk modelling and had lots of free flow play.

Please note:

Party on Thursday, 13th February.

This term we have explored the seven continents of the world. So to bring this adventure to a fun end, we are arranging a party and inviting parents.

Children will be required to dress up in their traditional clothing OR clothing representing a particular continent. Parents are requested to bring along a dish representing their culture/country too please inshaAllah.

An email will be sent out very soon with further details of this event.


Friday 14th February is the last day of this term. The school will finish at 11.30 am on that day and will be closed for a week.

Please be informed that there will be no nursery PM session on Friday 14th February.

Sessions will resume on Monday 24th February after half term Insha’Allah.

Suffah is a Nut-Free school.

Please remember Suffah primary and Early years is a NUT FREE school therefore any items containing Nuts will not be allowed. Please be VERY careful about what your child brings in for snack as we have children with Nut allergies in the school.

Unhealthy snack items

Please also remember we do NOT allow unhealthy snacks; for example, any chocolate items, juices and crisps etc. Please help us teach your children healthy eating concepts.

For further information on healthy snacks for children, please visit

JazakAllahu khayrun.

The Nursery Team!