For the past half term Y6 have been working on a DT project “Making Burgers”. The project has entailed brain storming words associated with burgers to get children thinking about burgers laterally; researching about the kind of burgers that people enjoy including patty, condiments and sides by surveying friends and family; and then also tasting and rating different types of breads/buns that can be used to make burgers. Children enjoyed tasting a range of breads such as brioche buns, bagels, pitta bread and soft white rolls. They also tried sauces such as mustard, barbecue sauce and mint sauce- for many children it was their first time in trying one or other of the sauces! Last week, children used all their research to make a final decision about how they wanted to construct their burger and today they brought in their ingredients.

Children had chosen to make either chicken or lamb burgers. They washed their meat and then added spices, seasoning and herbs. As they waited for me to cook their meat on the George Foreman Grill, they prepared their buns. Some children heated their burgers and others preferred them cold. They added sauces and salad and once their patty was cooked, children then constructed their burgers.

Each child had to evaluate their burger in their Booklet and then also taste and evaluate a friend’s burger.

Everyone had a fantastic time and the children have learnt a lot from this whole project- including lots of cooking skills and how to be mature and sensible when preparing food. Jazakallah Khayr to Ustadha Haniya as well, without whom things would not have run so smoothly!

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