Counting Up Subtractions

Assalamu alaikum,

we have been studying subtractions in year 3 and pupils have some homework to do to reinforce this new concept during the holidays.

Empty frog lines have been provided so that children could practise the method of subtracting by counting up or frog method in sha Allah.

Please do not encourage your child to use the vertical method.

A subtraction is a difference between two numbers. We count up from the smaller number using our number bonds and rounding up knowledge, not our fingers!

Given a number sentence ex. 67-55, we use the frog method or counting up method to find this difference.

Remember to start from the smaller number 55, jump to the nearest ten, which is 60. Now count how many spaces you jumped (in this case 5), then jump to  number 67 and count again how many spaces you jumped which are 7. Finally, add 5 +7=12. Sometimes, if there is a bigger difference, you may need to jump in tens.

So 67-55=12

Please watch this video with your child.

Use the language of subtraction at home!

Here are some key words and phrases for subtraction learning:

  • subtract
  • take away
  • minus
  • decrease
  • leave
  • counting up
  • how many are left/left over?
  • difference between
  • half / halve
  • how many fewer is.. than…?
  • how much less is…?

The more you use these words, the more your child will understand them. Try to ask them questions such as the following:
What is 5 minus 3? If I subtract 4 apples from the bowl, how many will there be left? What is the difference between 7 and 11? Remember to start at 7 and to go to the nearest ten and then count up to 11.