Dictionary Skills and Ibn Battuta

Asalaam Alaykum parents I pray you are well. Alhamdulilah we are coming to an end of our first half term. MashAllah considering the children have had 6 months off due to lockdown, they are progressing well. 

This week children have learnt how to use a dictionary and locate tricky words. Even though dictionaries are something we don’t use as often it is a vital skill to learn. If you have a dictionary at home suitable for children please encourage your children to use it, if they come across a word they aren’t familiar with. 

We also completed our book “Foiled Again” children really enjoyed reading this book as there was a lot of adventure. We wrote journal entries and wrote from another characters point of view. Children also learnt how to use commas in a list. Do practise this at home please. 

For maths we have been learning how to add 10 more and 10 less to a number. Some children can get confused when learning to add 10 and 1. On a 100 square when you add 10 you go down when you add 1 you go across. Children have learnt to locate numbers on a number line and round them to the nearest 10. Everyday we have been practising learning the 5 x table. All children should know their 2, 5 and 10 timetables. Please practise these.

In science we learnt the importance exercise. We did a fun experiment where children did a range of exercises, timed themselves and recorded what happened to their bodies. They really enjoyed it! 

History has been most exciting we have been learning about Ibn Battuta. We learnt about his early life, what he went through and finally where he travelled. Next week we will be comparing all the travellers we have been learning about. Teaching our children about the amazing things Muslims have accomplished is so important, InshaAllah we will be in cooperating more fascinating Muslim figures in our learning. 

Deep discussion on what we have learnt so far about Ibn Battuta

Next week will be a lot of revision and assessments. Children will be revising what they have learnt this half term and assessed, this is just to show me if there are any gaps in their learning and what we can go over next term. 

Jazakum Allahu Khayran 

Ust Ayesha