Asalaamu Alaikum, Year 5 and Parents!

This week has been an eventful time in Year 5! The children have been understanding the importance of respect for one’s self and for others as the theme of the week. As we are living in Britain, we have been using the value, Democracy, to help teach the children about fair voting and understanding who makes a great leader and who is responsible enough to take on the role of School Council and School Prefect. We have two pupils for each role (one boy, one girl each) and we have had lots of excitement conducting the process for the election.

The School Councils have been elected by peers and are as follows:

  •  Hamda Ali
  • Mustafa Bourchack

The school prefects have been elected by myself; these are based on character, responsibility, leadership and behaviour. My judgement has been on a basis of three weeks and is founded on the level of consistency shown by the fellow students and therefore, they have been elected as Prefects.

The Prefects are:

  • Ibraheem Eyafe
  • Humaira Noormohamed 

The photos above show how the students conducted their voting as well as those who volunteered to campaign in the election.

This week’s learning:

English: The children have been learning about all types of recounts and have finished their personal recounts and have moved onto writing their factual recounts based on their friend or family’s experiences during the pandemic, taking Roald Dahl’s ‘Boy’ book for inspiration.

Maths: In Maths we have been focusing on adding two and three digit numbers using a variety of methods (F.R.O.G., partitioning, column method, bar models and many more). In this week, we have been brushing up on prior knowledge whilst applying it to bigger numbers.

Science: In Science, students have been learning about the life cycle in animals and differentiating between types of mammals.

PSHE: Similar to last week, this week’s focus has been on respect with an add-on of ‘British Values’ with the theme of democracy.

Art: Year 5 have been learning how to use a variety of different shading and tone, inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings. The children are beginning to grasp on the main techniques which bring 2D drawings to life (3D).

PE: The children have been taking part in competitive sports.

RE: In RE, we have been learning about Sikhism and how we can learn about the similarities and differences in which it has with Islam. For this specific week, we have managed to consolidate our learning on the 5ks, where Sikh’s pray, what happens in the Gurdwara and have gained a deeper understanding as to how Sikh put their beliefs into action in our contemporary society.

Geography: The children have been learning about Europe (facts, people, characteristics etc.) The focus this week was on mapping skills and being able to identify where European countries are on the map.

I look forward to seeing you all again next week!