End of Autumn 1

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Dear Parents and Carers,

Firstly, apologies for the late post. There were a few technical issues which caused the blog to be posted later than usual.

HOWEVER on a positive note, it has been a fabulous week to end the half term!


In Literacy, children have been exploring the characters in the story we have been reading Gregory Cool making comparisons and inferring. They have also made a report about Tobago which is the exotic place Gregory travels to; studied the features of a diary entry and finally created a diary entry in role.

In Maths, children have been learning how the times tables work systematically by adding a certain number multiple times, rather than just memorising random numbers. Also by the end of the week they were able to easily solve division word problems. They have also learnt how to read a thermometer which was also linked to our geography lesson about climate.

In Science, the children independently made a fact file about all the things they learnt in this half-term. It was very impressive how they manged to remember so much information!

In Art, children had to research masks and headdresses from other cultures and then create their own designs.
We have explored tribal art in relation to the Kayapo tribe and designed our own Kayapo-style patterns.

The children had their Basketball match in PE. The children really enjoyed working in teams as a warm-up and practicing all the skills we have learnt over the past weeks. Then, they played a whole class game of boys vs. girls. The score was 1-3 with the girls winning by 2 points! Great teamwork year 3! It was so much fun!

In Geography, children have explored this question: What does the word ‘climate’ mean? Children had to think, pair, share their ideas. They have then explored what the climate is like where we live, discussed ideas as a class, including the differences in seasons. They now know that the climate in a tropical rainforest is hot and humid and that, although there are seasons, they are different from ours as the temperature does not change very much. Children have created line graphs showing temperatures for Manaus, Brazil. They have also learnt about latitude, longitude, Artic Circle and Antarctic Circle abstract concepts which they added up to their previous acquired knowledge about Equator, Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.

PHSE: The whole half-term focus has been on rules, rights, responsibilities, rewards and consequences. As final lesson, children explored the consequences of their choices. They now know their actions have consequences on themselves and on others. They have become able to explain that we have rules for our own physical and emotional safety, that good rules are like laws where you have to obey them because if we didn’t have rules as laws then the world would be just a place of chaos. Children made their own games with rules having a picture as stimulus. They worked in pairs and came up with brilliant ideas!

Geography Project Update: We have really been flabbergasted by the effort the children put in creating their Geography Projects about a country covered by rainforest.

Homework has been given out and is due back on Tuesday 3rd November.

Homework letter:

• Writing Task. Your child can choose one or more tasks from the following. Each task should aim to 20 minutes of good work and/or half page of writing.
Task 1. Diary Entry as a Jewish child telling about Passover.
Example: Dear Diary,
Today it was a busy day because tomorrow it’s finally Passover, the Jewish celebration to commemorate the escape from Egypt. When I woke up, my mum was preparing the challah. …I studied Hebrew at the Synagogue….
I recited my prayers from the Siddur…..
In my home…..
Task 2. Write several sensible questions using the right punctuation that you would like to ask to the Emperor Julius Caesar.
Example: Why did you invade Britain? Find five adjectives to describe your self.
Task 3. Write a fantasy or adventure story following the pattern of the story mountain: One opening paragraph
One paragraph to build up the story
One paragraph for the main problem
One paragraph for the resolution
One paragraph as ending
Remember to describe your setting as well as the main characters.
Task 4. Write a summary of an interesting book you recommend. You need to include several descriptive words, title, author, publishing house, price, what you liked about the book and why, info about the characters and so on.
Task 5. Make lots of amazing, factual flashcards using all the info/dates in the Romans Knowledge Organiser provided.
Maths Revision worksheet.
• Statutory Spellings
• Handwriting.
Practise your words in your book with your best handwriting.

Google Classroom is back!

We will be uploading HW in Google Classroom so that pupils can still be able to access it when not in.

Extension work will also be uploaded there as well as relevant videos. Children have to ‘write’ their HW in their Blue HW Book please. No electronic work will be taken at the moment.

We wish you all a restful break!

Year 3 Team!