Assalaam Alaykum year 2 parents


I can’t believe how fast this year has gone, it felt like the other day I joined year 2. It has been a brilliant year, the children have learnt so much, developed a growth mindset and did amazing in their SATs Alhamdulilah!

Many of you may know that I was with this class in year 1 as the class TA with Ust Saida. I spent that year getting to know each child individually and what their likes/dislikes were. I can proudly say I know these children like the back of my hand! Not many teachers/ TA’s get the chance of having the same class twice, however I feel blessed to be able to not only support this class but take them on as my children and through SATs. As many of you have seen that I have a strong attachment with this class therefore, coming towards the end has been bitter sweet for me, the children know I always get emotional talking about it. I wish all your children the best going into year 3, mashAllah each one is special and capable of doing amazing things. 

I have written each child an individual message in their goody bags hoping to inspire them to work hard and achieve their goals. 

I want to now thank you, the parents. Thankyou for all the support throughout the last 7 months. I feel it’s important for every teacher to be told they are doing a good job so thankyou to all those parents who left me little notes in books to thank me, meeting me at the door to shake my hand and even just asking how I am. 

I pray you all have a relaxing summer holidays filled with joy, laughter and great memories.  

This is me signing off. 

JazakhumAllah Khayran 

Ust Ayesha