Foundation Subjects


Most of our children are non-Arabic speakers. We currently follow the ‘I love Arabic Language’ series written by Dr Al Habeeb Al Affass. This series is in 6 levels.

We devote 1 hour a week towards Arabic.

Pupils are given a variety of strategies to develop their writing and reading of Arabic. This all helps in their comprehension of the language, so they can start speaking basic sentences with confidence.


Children are taught about important episodes and development in Britain’s past from Roman to modern times, about ancient civilisations, and the history of parts of the world.

They also have opportunities to investigate local history and to learn about the past from a range of sources of information.


Children are taught to work with maps, plans, globes, information technology and other resources in order to develop their geographical skills and knowledge of places.
Geographical themes to be investigated will include: rivers, weather, settlement and environmental change.


The school has a fully equipped ICT suite and is networked allowing staff and children to share information and communicate with each other electronically.  All machines on the network have access to the Internet to support teaching and learning throughout the school. 

The school has purchased numerous software packages to support subject content as well as access rights to online resources.  The use of ICT expands to all subjects.  All teaching rooms have interactive whiteboards.

Art / DT

Children are given opportunities to explore many different methods, materials and tool techniques through line, colour mixing, shape and form and 3D work.

It is essential that children are encouraged to recognise the elements and influences of internationally known Artists, past and present. These connections enable children to review and develop their own work. Children are helped to develop their capabilities in designing and making skills.

In developing their technological skills children will be taught to; use tools and materials safely; plan and organise their work safely; apply and consolidate skills and knowledge previously taught as part of the mathematics, science and art curriculum.


We believe that RE has an important part to play in promoting the spiritual, moral, social, cultural and intellectual development of our pupils. We aim to help them gain a great understanding of themselves and a more sympathetic awareness of the needs of others. This enables pupils to be better equipped to cope with the responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

To promote the ideas of our school vision we believe that education in RE should be a child centred, exciting journey. Children learn to understand the world and their place in it, show tolerance and understanding for others and develop a better cultural awareness.


Exercise is vital for children’s development. To make it enjoyable at the same time is our aim at Suffah Primary School. We give great importance to PE so our children are physically fit, healthy and de-stressed. We have use of two indoor halls and a secure outside playground with astro turf. Pupils get an hour and a half of PE each week. Each half term pupils learn a different activity linked to the national curriculum.  Several times a week we have our ‘Mile Run’ or any other high impact activity to get the pupils pulses racing at a time that suits the school timetable.