Fox in Socks and more! This week in Reception…


This week in Reception, we have been very busy reading the story of Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss. It’s such a tongue-twister, but we found it very funny! It’s full of rhyming words and we came up with some of our own silly rhymes too! (Rhyming words sound the same at the end). We had lots of fun posting the pictures of rhyming words into the houses! We will continue using these next week too!

In Phonics, we have learned four new sounds: g o c k. We are also still practicing to read these tricky words: the, to, I, no, and go. Please practice these at home too so we don’t forget!

In Maths, we learned to understand the concept of weight. We learned how to use simple vocabulary related to weight, such as the terms, ‘heavy’, ‘light’, ‘heavier’, ‘lighter’, ‘heaviest’ and ‘lightest’. We also learned how to balance scales! Here is our Maths table from this week:

We’ve learned quite a few duas already, but we’re still practicing them to make sure we always remember them!

Our Learning Dua  Rabbi ziddni ‘ilma which we read every morning (asking Allah to give us lots of knowledge and help us to learn)
Our Dua Before Eating Bismillah wa ‘ala Baarakatillah
Our Dua Before Sleeping Allahumma Bismika Amutu wa Ahyaa we’ve been practicing this dua when playing Sleeping Lions!
Our Dua for waking up Alhumdulillah hilladhee ahyaana ba’dama, ‘amaatana, wa ilayhin-nushoor and this one too!)

In Quran studies with Ustaadha Aicha, we are perfecting our Tajweed for Surah Fatiah.

In class, we also began learning the story of Creation. How Adam AS was created out of clay by Allah and how Iblees became known as Shaytaan. An Angel was instructed by Allah to retrieve sand/soil from all over the world and that’s what was used to make the ‘special clay’. The children call the Angels ‘Allah’s Special Helpers!’ (We use the book, Stories of the Prophets by ibn Kathir and retell it to children using language that they find easy to understand).

Next week in’sha’Allah, in Phonics the children will be learning to read and write the sounds: ck e u r and reading and writing decodable words that have these sounds. In Maths we will contnue to practice writing our numbers to 10 and will learn about positions (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc).

Friday 19th October is the last day of the half term, we will be watching a movie and having a ‘shared snack’ where everyone will bring one thing for everyone to share. Watch out for the list on Monday in’sha’Allah!