Asalamualaykum parents, we hope you have had a fantastic week so far!

Alhamdulillah, we have had another wonderful week with Reception who have worked even harder to actively learn. This week we have been working on the story of Funny Bones as this term we are working on our topic of people who help us, therefore, we have linked this story to Doctors who help us every day when we are sick and help us with our health needs.

Let’s go through the week…

On Monday we all became doctors and played in our doctors’ surgery, the children helped the patients who were feeling unwell by checking on their temperature and giving them medicine by writing prescriptions. The children used stethoscopes to check the patient’s heartbeat and completed surgery on patients using their doctor’s set.

We enjoyed the outdoors and made our own necklaces, we developed our physical development by balancing on the walking boards. We used the big blocks to build a tall tower and had a dinner party in the mud kitchen.

On Tuesday we continued to be doctors and made our very own doctors’ bags as doctors are very busy and need their important equipment to help their patients. The children cut out all the equipment on the sheet that a doctor needs such as a stethoscope, medicine, plasters, bandages, etc.

We opened the outdoor Farm Shop, which sells all kinds of vegetables. We role-played as customers and shop keepers and worked together to keep the shop running.

We got messy in the tuff tray with shaving foam, the children were able to describe the feeling of this by saying it feels ‘soft’ ‘fluffy’ and ‘nice’

On Tuesdays we have our after school Lego club, and we made all sorts of models! We also had a whole class maths activity where we Guessed how many things there were in a group and then checking the number by counting all the things. Then we worked out whether the difference was more or less.

lego club

On Wednesday, we all worked hard labelling the parts of the body which all the children were able to do Ma sha Allah.  Ustadah Soobia visited us and did a small science experiment with milk, which the children loved! We also had another special guest visit us who was an optician and told us all about how to take care of our eyes and the importance of getting our eyes checked out if we are worried about our eyesight.

In the afternoon, we went to the library and took books out- please do take care of these books and bring them back next week.

We all prayed Dhur Salah together

On Thursday, we learnt about skeletons and made our own funny bones Skeleton. We also wrote a get well soon letters to our friends and family who may be feeling unwell. The children explored different sounds in the outdoor sound area and got messy with the messy play.

Our completed funny bone skeletons

On Friday we continued to learn about the actions of Salah and this week we learned about ‘Sajood’.

This week we got out the big parachute for P.E and practiced using our arms to pull the parachute up and down. We also did some running exercises and played the traffic light game.

During the week we have been learning about 2d and 3d shapes , and we learnt that 2d is “flat” and 3d is “fat”. For 2d we learnt about triangles, rectangles, circles and squares, and for 3d we learnt about pyramids, cubes, spheres and cones.

In Literacy we have been learning about rhyming words, like “cat”, “hat”, “bat” and “mat”.

Heres a short video of our lovely Reception children singing while doing our Friday activity sheet.

Snack time reminder: please do bring healthy food items that do not include NUTS as Suffah Primary and Early Years is a Nut Free school.

Abdullah our classroom Teddy Bear has been taken home by one of the children for the weekend. Please do take lots of pictures with some writing about what you did with Abdullah and bring this back on Monday so you can tell us all the fun you had with him during the weekend!

Alhumdulillah we have had a fantastic week with Reception, the children have been set homework – please do your homework and bring it back on Monday morning. Please also take care of your reading books and ensure you read these at home.

We also sell milk at the end of the day, the Children have already learnt about 1p, 2p, and 5p coins in this way. This week we will be learning about 10p coins, so please dig deep in your wallets and donate 10p coins to our class. They must be 10p coins only, not coins that add up to 10p as we would like to give the children a real feel for this so they are more able to recognise coins.

Please provide a spare set of uniforms for your children in case of wet play or a wet accident as children can feel embarrassed if they have to wear their home clothes in class.

Have a restful weekend and see you all next week!

JazakAllah Khair,

Reception Team!