Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Asalamualaykum parents, we hope you are all well!

Alhumdullilah we have had a very adventurous week with Reception! This week we have been working on the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears, we have continued to look at small, medium and big measurements using a range of indoor and outdoor resources allowing the children to explore and choose the activities they would like to take part in. We have also encouraged the children to use our props from the story for role play and to also allow them to enhance their understanding of the story of the week. This week we added porridge to our Tuff Tray which the children loved! They used this to make food for the three bears and added more or less porridge in their bowl for Father Bear, Mother Bear and Baby Bear.

Quran and Arabic

Reception have been doing really well during Qur’an and Arabic Studies, we have been looking at the Arabic letters and going through Surah Fatiha this week.

So far the children have learnt these letters with Ustadah Aicha and have been practicing to write them – please do practice these at home with your children over the weekend.

Phonics and Reading

Reception have learnt all of the Phase 2 phonics letters and sounds which consist of s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss, j, c, w, x, y z, zz, qu – please practice these sounds and letters at home with your children this weekend and also ensure books are read at home to as Rception are now learning to blend and segment words using the phonics sounds, JazakAllah Khair.

Let’s go through the week..

On Monday the children wrote about their weekend in their weekend news books, it was lovely to hear all the fun they had over the weekend! We also got busy with some junk modelling arts and craft and some messy play with porridge! 

Reception experienced some sensory play with our play dough this week and we added some porridge to allow the children to feel different textures and use their imagination to discover different uses of the play dough.

As our classroom was so messy from all the porridge messy play, Reception decided to do some good cleaning and get out the hoover to clean the classroom! We all waited patiently and took turns hoovering our classroom carpet and floor. This allowed all the children to develop their cleaning skills as well as learning how to control their body movements and control special equipment. You can ask all your children to help with the cleaning at home now as they are all experts! 

Our words of the week!

On Tuesday we had a day full of numbers, children practiced writing their numbers on our white board and we later did an activity sheet where we counted and added numbers together. The children have started to get the hang of counting and adding numbers together and we hope to continue this for the rest of the term. We later had a surprise from the nursery as they showed us a volcano experiment! The children were fascinated by this and wanted to find out more about volcanoes so we watched a video and spoke about how and why volcanoes erupt.

On Wednesday Reception used their memory to sequence the story of Goldilocks and the three bears and did some lovely colouring and we also did some painting with water paints! We later went to the school Library this week as it is open, the children chose books from the library to take home – please do take care of these books and bring them back next Wednesday with your book bag as we will In sha Allah go to the library and take out a new book.

On Thursday the children got busy making Goldilocks and the Three Bears stick puppets, we used our cutting skills to cut out our puppets and stuck them on lolly sticks to hold them up. The children also practiced making words using their phonics sounds and later wrote an apology letter to the baby bear from Goldilocks as she ate his porridge and broke his chair! We then posted these letters in our post box, we hope this will cheer up poor old baby bear! 

On Friday the children learnt about the first pillar of Islam and first Kalima (Tayyab)– There is no God but Allah and Muhammed (SAW) is his messenger. We then beautifully coloured in a poster to remember this. For P.E this week the children had some fun hopping like kangaroos! We also did some balancing and learning to jump safely from a height.

Alhumdulillah we have had a spectacular week with Reception, Goldilocks and Three Bears. Next week we will be looking at the story of Little Red Ridding Hood. In Sha Allah we hope to see all of you next week and we hope you have a good weekend!

JazakAllah Khair from Ustadah Naveeda, Ustadah Kausar and Ustadah Fawziya.