I Spy..with my little EYE…something beginning with T…TEETH!

Assalamu Alaykum Parents 🙂

MashaAllah children have had a very productive week full of role-playing and learning!

Carrying on from our theme of “Doctors who help us”, we looked at Opticians and Dentists this week. As the children called them, “doctors of the eyes and doctors of the teeth”!

Let me take you through our week…

Circle Time

This week in Circle time, we had some intense discussions.

We spoke about Why it is important to help people, How Allah rewards us if we help others, Being kind to one another is a form of helping and Teachers are here in school to help you learn about right and wrong etc.

We also spoke about the importance of brushing your teeth and flossing. We followed it with a video on brushing your teeth.

Video on brushing your Teeth

We made it a priority during circle time, to emphasise on the importance of keeping clean and washing our hands. Especially after we have sneezed or coughed.

We watched videos of children visiting Opticians and Dentist, to gain a visual understanding of how they help us too.

Islamic Studies

In Islamic studies this week, along with our previous Duas and Surahs, we have been practising Surah Asr:

Please do practice this Surah at home with the children to help with their memorisation.

Muddy Monday

A little bit of fun with Play-dough and then some writing practice!
Using REAL toothpaste, to brush our paper teeth!
Yep, with REAL toothbrushes!
Outdoor Play…
And yes our POST OFFICE is open no matter what the weather is outside 🙂
Some more Outdoor Fun…
Then we decided to take the Circus tent out to add to the fun 😀

Tree’mendous Tuesday

The all important Dentist Surgery…
Some very serious work in play…
Time to get our healthy lunch boxes ready! Children had to choose which food item is healthy and which one isn’t to prepare their lunchboxes.
Can you match the body parts with the pictures?
Outdoor Fun!

Wacky Wednesday

We took full advantage of the good weather this week!
Obstacle course
An unexpected visit from the Paramedics…

Thankful Thursday

World Book Day!

Our nursery children dressed up into some wonderful characters MashaAllah.
Well done to all the parents for putting in the effort in making this day an exciting one for the children!
We even had a special guest, Ustadha Soobia, visit us and read a book to the children 🙂
To make our day even more colourful, we made Elmer pictures!
And of course, World book day would be incomplete without milk and cookies picnic! A gift to the children from their Ustadhas 🙂

Faithful Friday

Friday was read to your Friend day! So all the children read their favourite books to their friends.
We watched the Gruffalo story to bring our books week to an end…

Please Note

Competition Time

Please remember to submit your entries by MIDNIGHT ON MONDAY (9th March). The Ustadhas will need the week to go through all entries and be able to release the details of the winner subsequently.

Please label your child’s valuables

Please can you label your child’s valuable items (bottle, lunchbox, hats, jacket etc). This is because recently valuables are getting mixed up and many children are bringing in similar items to their peers too. Thank you.

Suffah is a Nut-Free school.

Please remember Suffah primary and Early years is a NUT FREE school therefore any items containing Nuts will not be allowed. Please be VERY careful about what your child brings in for snack as we have children with Nut allergies in the school.

Unhealthy snack items

Please also remember we do NOT allow unhealthy snacks; for example, any chocolate items, juices and crisps etc. Please help us teach your children healthy eating concepts.

For further information on healthy snacks for children, please visit https://www.nhs.uk/change4life/food-facts/healthier-snacks-for-kids

JazakAllahu khayrun.

The Nursery Team!