Islamic Exhibition

Salaam Parents,

Our class exhibition is approaching. It is on the 19th of December and will be about ‘Sports and Islam’. Over the past few weeks, children have been slowly preparing a presentation and we are now coming to our final stages.

In English, we have just finished our unit of Poetry and children were able to write their own narrative poem including the use of various forms of imagery, repetition and rhyme. In Topic, we are continuing our learning on Mountains and children have identified ways to ensure they are safe and fully prepared should they ever attempt to take one on!

Lastly, there is no homework this week due to the printer needing repairs. Many apologies, I was all set to print and hand-out sheets before the printer broke. Furthermore, some children are now receiving ‘daily’ homework in order to supplement their learning. If you wish your child to have a copy, then please bring in a folder. The homework will be checked everyday.

Ustadh Hashim