Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Dear Parents and Carers,

On last Thursday, a representative from the Jewish Community in London came to talk to us about Judaism.

She showed us on a world map where most of Jewish people live nowadays.

She talked to us about her family story and how her grandparents had migrated to United Kingdom. She explained to us the sense of community they were looking for and how usually a Jewish family will choose to send their child to Jewish school where together with the ordinary subjects, children could also learn how to be good Jews.

She told us their language is Hebrew and that Hebrew just like Arabic must be read and written from left to right. According to her findings, Aramaic languages were all written from left to right because in ancient times people did not have books to write on, so they used to chisel stones which was done from left to avoid rock shards in the eyes.

She explained that we usually divide the Jews into three different categories: Orthodox Jews, Hasidic Jews and Progressive and liberal Jews.

We spoke about the Synagogue as they worshipping place and the rabbi who is the Jewish minister and preacher.

She also mentioned some of their Festivals such as Hannuka and Shabat and we showed us artefacts.

Special bread Challah, the scrolls, the candles and menorah, the kiddush.
Reproduction of the scroll containing the Torah and kept in the Synagogue

Children then did an art and craft activity.

It was a good experience and I hope our Suffah children will benefit from it by developing a better understanding of Judaism and its traditions.