Juggling Balls: The Final Product

In Year 3 , we have completed the Art Project of Making our own Juggling Balls children have developed a real passion for!

These are some pictures of the filling sensory session… messy I know… but so fun! The children had to choose among flour, lentils and rice. When asked about the reason why they had chosen a certain filling, they have shown such a good understanding of the purpose replying in fact that they wanted their juggling ball to be light, but also easy to handle. Some mentioned the satisfying feeling of touching these materials.

These are some pictures of the folding and hemming. Children learn how to make running stitches.

Finally, decorating with fabric, fabric pens, buttons and sequences.

and drum roll…..the final product!

I’m so proud of the hard work the children are doing and all the skills they are mustering.

Art Special Prices to Musa and Zaynab!