Kayapo Tribal Headdress

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

last week we completed our Art work about the Rain forests by making a tribal headdress inspired by amazing pictures of the Kayapo Tribe.

LO: To use the design of the Kayapo tribe to create our own work of art.

We learnt about styles of tribal art with a particular focus on the Kayapo Tribe of The Amazon Rainforest. We looked carefully at the Kayapo Tribe photos. We then discussed patterns and colours in the face paint and the headdresses. In fact, they use lots of bright colours dye from fruit and berries. Face and body paint is often red as they believe that red is the most beautiful colour. Elements of stripes are also present.

We investigated different effects that can be created with colour and monochrome.

We explored which kind of natural objects could the Kayapo Tribe might have chosen to decorate themselves (feathers of course!) and why.

The Year 3 Kayapo Tribe Chief!

Jazakallahu kheirun