Learning about Soil Formation

We have learnt about Soil Formation in Science and on the first week back we will do some more observations about soil permeability.

Children have been exploring soil, how it forms, what it consists of, the 4 soil processes: additions, losses, translocations and transformations.

We also made our own mini compost bin.

One layer of small rocks, one thick layer of fresh compost, alive earthworms, food scraps and some wet shredded paper. When coming back, we will have to see if our worms have moved the different layers around as it happens on a larger scale in soil. This process is defined translocation.

Please ask your children to explain the 4 processes of soil formation to you during the holidays. You might find these links useful:


The video above is a good introduction to how to extract a soil sample. It also explains what soil is, and how to test its properties.
The website above explains the different types of soil.

Children will love these games at the Soil School:


Key/New Words: Soil, formation, formed, rock, organic matter, animals, top soil, subsoil, baserock or bedrock , additions, losses, translocations, transformations.