Our children have really enjoyed our Lego sessions:

What we have done:

Week 1: Build your own maze. Children also had to fit and move around a marble in their labyrinth. Some came up with genius ideas like having the marble to go through a loop.

Week 2: Build your own bridge. They had to make the bridge solid enough to hold a Lego person or a Lego car.

Week 3: Build your own mobile car. They really had to work hard on this. They had to show that given Lego pieces and a balloon they could actually move their little Lego car. The girls were fantastic in this occasion improving their problem solving skills! Their car moved really fast!

Week 4: Challenge Disaster Island!

Children had free time to build an island.

Then they had to choose a disaster to occur from some challenge cards and adapt their island. Some choose people invading the island or a natural disaster occurring.

They enjoyed collaborative play as well as free-style play.

Week 5: Volcano Explosion.