Little Red Riding Hood and the Sweet Little Wolf

Asalamualaykum parents,

This week Reception have continued to work on the story of Little Red Riding Hood although with a twist! This week we looked at a story that involved a nice sweet wolf rather than a big, scary and mean wolf. The children learnt that we can all be sweet and kind to others and just because a wolf may look big and scary, does not mean that they always are, Alhumdulliah.

Arabic and Quran

The children have continued to learn these letters this week and are staring to learn to write a few of them, please do practice revising these at home over the weekend.

Phonics and Reading

This week we have continued to work on our phonics, sounds and name writing. We also learnt some new Tricky Words which are; he, she, we, me and be.

Please do practice these, as well as the phonics sounds, over the weekend.

Lets go through the week…

On Monday Reception wrote about their weekends in their weekend news books and we got to hear about all the fun they had without us! The children got busy making Grandma’s house using tissue paper and colourful pens as well as playing in the construction areas with our Lego and magnets!

The children have been enjoying their outdoor play this week as we have created a new sound area for the children to create sounds from the use of household pots and pans. We all became builders this week using our outdoor construction site and some of us went to the hairdressers in our outdoor salon.

On Tuesday Reception explored their day with shapes! We looked at the differences between 2D and 3D shapes. The children then began to make Grandma’s house out of different shapes such as triangles and squares. We really enjoyed this activity and were so proud of the finished houses the class made. We also created shapes using playdough and cutters and made models using Lego.

We had some more outdoor fun! We made sure to wrap up warm and put our new sounds area into action. The children created lots of different tunes using the different pots and pans, exploring the different sounds that they all make. We also played with the water tray, filling up the watering cans to water the plants and giving some of the dolls a bath as well as painting and getting messy with bread!

On Wednesday Reception worked really hard to write letters to the wolf’s parents telling them that it is fine if the wolf is kind to others rather than being scary and mean. We also went up to the school library and the children changed their books – Please ensure you read these books and take very good care of them and bring them back next Wednesday as we will be changing books again.

We explored the outdoors in our outdoor hair and beauty salon. The children took turns running the salon and being customers, and exploring all of the different products that we had laid out. We also had some fun with messy play spaghetti! We really enjoyed this activity! We also made some great paintings using the blue paint!

On Thursday Reception got busy with junk modelling and some even made Grandma’s house. The children later wrote a shopping list for Grandma as we prepared to make Fruit Jelly for our cooking activity!

If you would like to make Fruit Jelly at home please follow our recipe;

2 apples

2 bananas

1 pack of Jelly

On Friday Reception learnt about the Third Pillar of Islam, Sawm, and we spoke about fasting in Ramadan. The children then did a worksheet and drew their favourite Iftar meals. As this week was the General Election we spoke about voting and elections, we then designed our own Ballot Box and the children voted for whether they wanted to play outside or inside. For P.E this week the children continued to learn different movements using their body such as crawling, hopping, balancing and jumping.

Alhumdulillah we have had a wonderful week with Reception. Next week we will be working on the story of Leaf Man. In Sha Allah we hope to see all of you next week and we hope you have a restful weekend!

JazakAllah Khair from Ustadah Naveeda, Ustadah Kausar and Ustadah Fawziya.