Malala’s Magic Pencil….This Week in Reception


The theme this week is Pakistan!

We are reading Malala’s Magic Pencil. It is a story about a magic pencil that could draw anything to make it become real. As the book goes on, it explains that magic pencils don’t really exist, but you can still change the world by working very hard in school and appreciating what you have. The children have been writing what they would draw/want if they had a magic pencil of their own:

In Maths, the children are learning to recognise coins and what the terms ‘cheap’ and ‘expensive’ mean. We will be discussing how we know if something is cheaper or more expensive than something else too! MashaAllah most of the children have learned to recognise most British coins.

In Art, we have been making our own mehndi patterns:

In Islamic studies with Ustaadha Aicha, the class have began to learn to recite surah Masad:

Next week:
Book: The Story of the Chinese Zodiac
Maths: Writing numbers as words (one – ten)
Literacy: Retelling the story of the week