This week in maths, children have been enjoying, problem solving, reasoning and practical work.

First, Mrs. Agatha-Baggy (a character from my own childhood stories who is great at cooking but finds maths challenging!) asked the children why the area of a triangle was half the area of a square. Children used diagrams and language skills to explain to Mrs. A-B the reasoning behind it. They did an excellent job and you can see an example of Memoona’s brilliant explanation. Mrs. Agatha- Baggy will feature regularly throughout the year as she requests that children explain increasingly complex reasoning behind the methods they use.

Children also used nets to make 3D shapes- this involved a lot of fiddly cutting, folding and sticking and required the children to focus and concentrate. They produced some very accurate and fabulous 3D shapes- well done!

And finally, throughout November we have been participating in Barvember (and will continue to do so until we have finished all of the tasks!). Barvember is an initiative by White Rose Maths Hub which encourages the development of maths mastery under the belief that every child can do maths and excel at it.

Bar Modelling is borrowed from a Singapore maths style and helps all children access complex mathematical problems through a bar model method. We have been working through the problems together as a class (children are only allowed to use the Bar Model method for these questions) but this week, I asked the children to work independently on a problem. I then nominated Haadee and Mohamed to explain the solution and as you can see, they did a brilliant job! They used the bar model and appropriate questioning to help all the children access and reach the solution. They were like mini Ustadhs! Great job boys!