Nursery Admissions

Please read before applying

Admission & Over-subscription Criteria

The school is conducted by its Education Committee as part of Hounslow Masjid in accordance with its Trust.

We ask all parents applying for a place here to respect the Islamic ethos and its importance to the school community. This does not affect the right of parents who are not of the faith of this school to apply for and be considered for a place here.

You can put your child’s name down for the Nursery class at any time after his/her birth, but the application will not be considered until just before the child’s third birthday as children start in the Nursery the term after their third birthday. All the applications for a particular age group will be considered together and you will be notified if your child has been allocated a place.

If your child is unsuccessful in gaining a place at the time of your application you can request that the application be held on the waiting list for future consideration should a place become available.

The priority criteria for entry to the Nursery class are:-

  1. Children with a sibling who already attends the school, and who will not have left the school at the time of admission.
  2. Children within the London Borough of Hounslow living closest to the Nursery.  (The length of the journey between the child’s home and the school by private car of public transport is not taken into account.)
  3. Children who live in the London Borough of Hounslow.
  4. Children in West London.

Student Home Address

The home address of a pupil is considered to be the permanent residence of a child. The address must be the child’s main residence for the majority of the school weeks. Documentary evidence will be required to confirm the child’s residence. Where care is split equally between mother and father, parents must name which address is to be used for the purpose of allocating a school place.


Registration/Assessment Fee – £50 (non-refundable) due at the time of assessment.

Having a sibling attending the primary school does not automatically give your child priority to the Nursery class, although, because the Nursery is non-statutory, the Headteacher can use his discretion to consider admission.

Please note that you can only accept one offer of a free part-time Nursery place.  It is not possible for a child to have a free Nursery place at one school in the morning and a free Nursery place at a different school in the afternoon.

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