Online Learning Update!

Asalaam Alaykum year 2 parents, I pray you are all well. This blog post will be explaining how online lessons will be structured, presentation, marked and homework.

Below is the online year 2 timetable, this is what we will be following however I will be flexible with it.

Daily Lessons

  • Children should attend every lesson.
  • Children must keep their cameras on.
  • Before the lesson children must have all resources next to them e.g., pencil, rubber, workbook, and relevant sheets.
  • Children must be in a comfortable setting on a comfortable chair.


All sheets are in the year 2 shared drive. All sheets from the 11/1/21- 15/1/21 have been uploaded.


If you collected a pack from school you will have a red workbook, all work must be completed in this book. If we are using sheets for a lesson the sheet must be stuck in the books. If your child is using a home notebook, this notebook must be used only for online learning and the sheets must be stuck in.

When children are working in their books, they must first do the date and learning objective which I will provide children with during the lesson.

For example


L.O To understand the use of commas.

This must be done for every lesson therefore, everything is organised. Handwriting and presentation must be clear and tidy, this is very important. Children must treat online books as they do their schoolbooks.


At the end of the day, you must take pictures of children work and email it to me at Please send all work together such as English, maths and geography rather than sending each piece of work separately. Please do so by latest 4.00. Ust Javeria and I will reply to the email with feedback. Maths will most likely be done as a class as this will be easier for the children to mark themselves. Children will either receive a reply from myself or Ust Javeria email (

When sending the email please name the subject your child’s name, date and what they have done. Example: Ayesha8/1/21-English, maths and science.

Failure to send completed work will hinder your child’s progress and I will not be able to see your child’s progress.


Homework will be set weekly on a Friday and must be returned on Tuesday. Homework will be placed in a folder in the year 2 shared drive named ‘homework’ with the date. Please take a picture of your child’s homework and email the picture to Ust Javeria at Ust will reply to the email with feedback. Please understand we are also in a difficult position therefore marking may not be as thorough as usual. We will try our best to send feedback as often as we can.

A kind request to parents while a lesson it is happening please refrain from asking me questions verbally or through the chats as this delays the lesson.

Please regularly check the blog and your emails for updates. If you are still unsure about your child’s login and password, please look at the previous blog post.

Jazakum Allahu Khayran for your patience and support. May Allah make this time go easily and smoothly.

Ust Ayesha