Online learning: Year 4

Assalamu Alaikum dear parents,

I pray Allah SWT keeps us safe and resilient during these times In Sha Allah.

The children have responded very well with remote learning, and they have proven to be resilient and positive. They are very keen and eager to engage with the tasks, and have their head down working hard. A reminder that rewards and merits will also be given by me starting soon to ensure children are well motivated and their hard work is noticed and rewarded. I will also be giving verbal feedback to children through the lessons and on an allocated time slot to which they can write their targets in their target book to work on. This way, the children are practicing their independent skills and being reflective. Children can e-mail any peices of work they complete to my email address and I will respond verbally. I will also ensure resources cater to the children at home, and will often post resources in Google Classroom.

Here is the timetable for online learning, however flexibility/changes in the lessons will also be taking place at times:

Allocated breaks, verbal discussions regarding feedback and well being check ins will also be implemented in the timetable.

I would like to summarize by saying the children have been excellent this week and responded well. They mostly have been engaged with revision tasks to reinforce and consolidate prior knowledge and learning. It is also important to me that the well being of the children is placed on high priority and the experience of remote teaching be as pleasing and as rewarding as it can be for all of us In Sha Allah.

I pray Allah SWT keeps us all safe, protected and content in these times. May you all have a restful weekend In Sha Allah.

Kind regards,

Ustadh Shoayb.