Our First Week at Nursery :)

Assalamu Alaykum Parents!

Alhumdulillah Nursery has officially re-opened 🙂

Ustadha Sunbul, Ustadha Maha and Ustadha Fawziya were absolutely thrilled to meet our little bundles of Joy mashaAllah.

Allhumdulillah we’ve had a brilliant first week!

All the children settled in very well (some extremely well) Masha Allah.

We’ve had a lovely time getting to know each other and spending time bonding Allahumdulillah. 

Since this week was all about settling in and get to know each other, all we did was play, play and more play! InshaAllah from next week we will have more structured and focused activities.

Below are some pictures to reflect our first week, enjoy! 😉

Outdoor area ready all set for the children 🙂
Lots of Outdoor activities
Need to keep up with other chores…
Back in the garden!
Some quiet time reading..
Daily exercise!
Puppet Show time!
Nursery still needs to some work on décor, so the children took it upon themselves to get the work done!
Must have a balance between work and play 😉

I hope you enjoyed our free-flow pictures! InshaAllah from next week each day will be divided into structured play and focused activities.

Islamic Studies

This week we learnt about always starting our day with Allah (SWT)’s name and his words. To do so, we read Surah Fatihah at the beginning of circle time every day.


Our topic next week will be ALL ABOUT ME.

Please can I request if parents can send in baby pictures of their children next week.

We will be talking about how Allah (SWT) made us and commanded our parents to care for us. We will be focusing on the changes in our facial features, from when we were babies to now; along with other things.

Healthy Snack/Lunches

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Lunch-Box-Printable1.jpg

Please remember, Suffah Nursery and Primary school is a NUT – FREE school. This means, we cannot allow any food items that contain nuts in them in any form. That includes peanut butter or biscuits with nuts. So please be very careful when preparing snacks/lunches for children as we have children with Nut allergies in the school.

The water dispenser will not be operational for the first term. So PLEASE make sure children bring their own water in a labelled bottle. JazakAllah.

Labelled Items

Please make sure all the items brought in by the children are labelled. They must have your child’s full name on them. These items include, all water bottles, lunch boxes, spare clothes bag etc.

The water dispenser will not be operational for the first term. So PLEASE make sure children bring their own water in a labelled bottle.

Child Collection Passwords

Please do not forget to pass your child’s unique CHILD COLLECTION PASSWORD to everyone on the ‘permission to collect’ form.

All parents were individually sent their Child’s unique password via a text message.

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to speak to a member of staff.

Covid 19 update

Please make sure you DO NOT bring your child to school if he/she or any other member in the family displays any symptoms of Covid 19.

In addtion please let the school know if your child, or any other family member in your home, has been in contact with someone who has Covid 19 symptoms.

It is our responsibility to keep all the children as well as staff members safe from any potential transmission whilst at school.

JazakAllahu Khayrun

The Nursery Team.