It has been an exciting week in Reception. We have been very busy doing lots of different activities and introducing ourselves to our new Reception class team, Ustadha Naveeda, Ustadha Zeenat and Ustadha Fouzia.


We met Abdullah bear on Monday. He was so nice and helped out those of us who were a little bit shy. What a surprise that he was four years old too! We counted the fruits and did lots of colouring and listened to the story “Owl Babies” and got familiar with the characters Sarah, Percy and Bill.


We had fun riding bicycles, making sandcastles and pretending to be Bob the builder. The outdoor area has been changed and there are lots of new fun activities to do like construction, a hopscotch area, a reading corner, art corner, mud kitchen, water play and of course our firm favourite which is the sand area.


We talked about the class rules with Ustadha and learnt about the class routine. We decorated our names with sequins and made pasta necklaces. Some of us are able to count to high numbers but others need a little bit of encouragement to count. We love constructing with Lego too. We learnt how to write the letter ‘S’ on the whiteboards and guessed the sound. We told Ustadha lots of words that started with the ‘S’ sound.


We talked about how Allah has created all of us as different from each other. At the Art Table we made our faces using paper plates and used wool for our hair. We also drew the features of our faces on the picture outlines. Some of us need a little more practice in holding pencils.


We made owl babies using sponges and paint. There were three different sizes: large, medium and small and we pasted on eyes and beaks. We also coloured and decorated the baby owl puppets. We had so much fun! We learnt how to write the letter ‘a’. We guessed lots of words that start with the ‘a’ sound. We also tried to write our names!


We learnt our first Arabic letter today! we practised writing ‘Alif’. We also practised writing numbers from 1 to 10 and writing our names in the handwriting book. We had our first P.E lesson and had fun running, hopping and doing other exercises.

This week in Phonics, we learnt the sounds: ‘s’ and ‘a’. Please practise these sounds by finding words of things around you that start with these sounds.

Next week we will learn: ‘t’, ‘i,’ ‘p’ and ‘m’

In numbers, we are concentrating on counting up to 5 by counting our body parts e.g. our fingers, toes, arms, eyes etc.

Polite Reminders:
– Please label all of your child’s items, especially jumpers, bookbags, water bottles and lunchboxes
– Children should bring an appropriate lunch to school i.e 1-2 snacks (some fruit or yoghurt pot), one sandwich or wrap, no juice cartons, chocolate items or crisps. Please do bring snacks on Friday as well as some children did not have a snack today
– P.E is on Fridays, children should come to school already in their P.E. kit