Perspective Art


Although online lessons have opened a range of different opportunities and experiences such as Menti quizzes, which are useful for recall and the children really enjoy them, we are really missing practical activities that we would have usually undertaken- especially near the end of the year as we moved into projects after SATs.

One of those areas is Art and DT, where it is quite challenging to do interesting art activities due to limitations of resources and teaching online. However, we have been trying our best to include some art in our lessons as art is essential for children (and adults!) relaxation, confidence and emotional well-being. Last week, we tried some perspective art. We watched a YouTube video and then children followed the steps to create their own perspective pictures.

Many of the children worked really hard to produce some beautiful perspective pictures. Perspective drawing can be quite challenging- especially when you don’t have any teacher/peer feedback- but I am really impressed with their fantastic effort and achievement and so I wanted to share their creations on the blog. Please enjoy and appreciate their fabulous work below.