Assalamu alaikum,

Children have been working on a Plant Art Project during the half-term break. They particularly focused on exploring how to draw a tree and how to create depth in Art.

I’m really impressed at the amount of effort they put in their mini-projects. Well done!

Have a look at their impressive masterpieces! Masha’Allah!

How to create depth in Art:

Najam in How to create Depth in Art
Musa in How to Draw a Tree including list of instructions below
Zunairah capturing depth in Art using different materials and shades
Zoha learning how to draw branches
Khalil’s explosion of mesmerising creativity!
Khalil’s 3D trees
That’s genius, Hamzah P !
Hamzah’s tasks. I like the question you would make to the artist! What inspired you to draw your wonderful tree?

Jazakallahu kheirun