Poetry and Calculations | Parents Workshop

Assalam Alaikum parents,


I hope you are well. This week in Year 6 has been very eventful. In English we have continued with researching poems and writing our own poetry regarding the war. Pupils have produced some outstanding work and even recited their poems to the class. The pupils really seemed to enjoy this as they were aware that on Thursday it was ‘National Poetry Day’.


During Maths we have looked at various ways to calculate sums, from partitioning to estimating. We have also recapped over prior knowledge ensuring pupils can follow BODMAS (also known as BIDMAS) steps correctly when calculating sums. I will start to implement a Maths times table challenge weekly from next week so it is important that pupils know their multiplications up to the 12 times table. 

Science & Topic

During Science we continued to study about habitats and also learned about didn’t classifications for living organisms. Additionally, In Topic we learned about the ‘Tipping Point’ and discussed whether Global warming was reversible or irreversible. Pupils seemed to enjoy a pleasant week where some also saw the SPLAT theatre which came to Suffah Primary School this week.

You will shortly receive a PowerPoint regarding the topics we will be covering in Maths and English. This is to help you understand what will be expected of the pupils throughout this academic year. This PowerPoint is to replace the parent workshop that usually takes place in Autumn 1.


Ustadh Sikandar