Poetry & Global Warming

Assalam Alaikum,


I hope you are all well and in good health. This week has been a very busy week. Throughout this week in English we have been annotating, creating and comparing poems relating to World War I and II. The children have produced some outstanding work and have shown a great passion for poetry. They are able to identify rhyming schemes as well as figurative language that may have been used.

Topic & Science

Additionally, We have also been learning about Habitats and Global warming whilst studying Topic and Science. Pupils were also able to identify a link between the two subjects in stating how Global warming is effecting habitats due to climate change. They have also shared great knowledge on what is causing Global warming and how we can try to reduce the effects of Global warming.

Pupils were asked what their interpretation of this picture was. This Resulted in a class debate that the pupils really enjoyed in which they shared ideas and thoughts.


From next week onwards, Pupils will receive homework on Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays for English and Maths. This is to ensure that they consolidate their learning and recap on prior knowledge.

Jazak’Allah and Thank you.

Ustadh Sikandar