In November, Suffah School were pleased to welcome a representative from the Jewish community to speak to the children about the Jewish faith.

Children had an opportunity to learn about a brief history of Jews and look at a World and National map to see where Jewish people live. They also learnt a little about the lady’s personal family history.

The children learnt about how communities of Jews had been in the UK for years and how they had built stronger bonds after World War 2 when more Jews came to England seeking peace and security. Within those communities, were the formation of Jewish schools where children would learn the National Curriculum and about their Jewish faith and identity (a bit like Suffah School).

Children had an opportunity to look at artefacts and learn about the role of the Synagogue and the Rabbi; Jewish traditions and customs such as Hannukha, Sabbath, and Passover; Kosher food laws and how that impacted everyday life; and the different categories of Jews: Orthodox, Liberal and Reformed.

The children examined Hebrew writing with keen interest and were fascinated to learn about the theory that the reason why Aramaic languages are written from right to left is that because it was mostly written by chiselling stone as opposed to on books, writing from right to left prevented chips of rock hitting the eye.

Finally, children participated in an art and craft activity.

The children really enjoyed the afternoon and have learnt a greater understanding of Jewish customs and traditions.

Back in class, children had an opportunity to taste some Cholah bread (with honey and butter if desired) which is the enriched and delicious bread eaten on the Sabbath