Quran and IS (Y5) w/c 18th Nov-19

Y6 Quran

Quran class is divided in the following order, one hour for memorization (reciting by heart), one hour for Nazrah (reciting by looking) and half-hour for Tajweed.

What we covered this week:

We started our method by increasing student’s memorization, you can find his/her homework in their diary.

Furthermore, we are reciting this week Surah Al- Baqaraah Aya (134 to 144), we had read this Ayaat (8) times in the class to improve their Makharij and their Ahkam Tajweed rules.

Quran Homework (Nazraah):

Their home work for last week is to read Surah Al-Baqaraah Aya (134 to 144) Seven times at home.


Last week in Tajweed class, we were practising Meem Sakinah rule which is one of the main Tajweed rules.

What we will cover next week:

By the end of next week, we will practise more on Tajweed (Meem Sakinah) during Quran classes.

Islamic studies homework

Homework has been given out to the pupils, and it should be answered by next Wednesday.