Rainbow…through the window…

Assalamu Alaykum Parents 🙂

Alhumdulillah we were able to achieve a successful week with the online sessions. It was absolutely lovely to see all the children and we were so grateful to Allah (SWT) for being able to put a smile on their faces.

Since this is all new to us, we are still in the learning process at the moment and trying to refine it to the best of our abilities inshaAllah.

JazakAllah for all the lovely pictures of the children, PLEASE do keep them coming because we really look forward to seeing them all!

Here are some I received last week mashaAllah…

The Summer Term starts on Tuesday 21st April. We are now on our half-term holidays until then.

Please note: Nursery online session timings will change after the holidays. I will be posting the updated finalised timings for the session very soon inshaAllah.

So what do you do in these holidays? Well prepare for Ramadhan with your children of course!

I would like you all to start by creating and decorating your home for ramadhan in these holidays! Use these 2 weeks to spend time getting the children excited for ramadhan.

As you all know, this year ramadhan will be very different, but that shouldn’t effect your excitement and motivation! It just means we do things slightly differently this year.

So here is a task from The Nursery team for you, Make and create your best Ramadhan decorations with the children and send any pictures to me via email.

Use YouTube or google for any ideas. I am attaching a link for you to get you started inshaAllah 😉

Remember, these children are innocent and only know what you tell them, so be careful not to surround them with any negativity or affect their ramadhan/EID excitement. As parents and carers we have to keep that seed alive in their hearts because that seed will soon grow into strong emaan and tawakkul inshaAllah.

Lets not forget there is Ease after every Hardship and also that EVERYTHING IS from Allah (SWT). So lets embrace those beliefs and have an amazing and safe ramadhan indoors 🙂

We will see you all after the holidays inshaAllah. Until then, stay safe and remember us in your duas please.

JazakAllahu Khayrun.

The Nursery Team.