Ramadan Charity Projects

Assalamo alaikum dear parents

I pray that the blessed month of Ramadan is passing well for you and your family.

Ramadan is a time of both personal growth and spiritual rewards. It’s considered the best time of the year to perform acts of charity and good deeds, and this is something we would like our Suffah children to learn and understand from a young age. In light of this the staff at Suffah are running two programs in the month of Ramadan and we hope that you will come on board and support us and reap the abundant blessings of this month in sha Allah.

Charity Collection to build a well in a developing country.

Drinking dirty, diseased water is one of the most common causes of death in the developing world – and one of the most preventable – so with our water donation, we could be saving countless lives for years to come. A wonderful opportunity for us to teach our children about those less fortunate than us.

We will be collecting money until the end of Ramadan and pray that we will be able to raise at least £300 so that we can have one well built in the name of the Suffah family, or let’s even aim for two or three in sha Allah. If you would like to contribute, please send in money in a sealed envelope with your child. jzk

Pop up Food Bank

Quite often we think of those who are living in poverty as those in the developing world. We forget that there are those living amongst our community who are facing hardship too. We would therefore like to set up a pop up food bank to support our local community. We are asking for donations of food parcels to be donated to the school so we can distribute them to the needy.

We would like donations to be brought in from 15th 22nd May and then in sha Allah from 23rd to 24th May we will distribute the food to the needy downstairs in the Masjid.

Please consider the following when donating:

  • Items should be boxed weighing no more than 3kg (no loose items please).
  • Items should be non – perishable and in date.
  • We would like each food parcel to contain a minimum of three day’s worth of “nutritionally balanced, non-perishable” tinned and dried foods.
  • Suggested items are: cereal, soup, pasta, rice, tinned tomatoes, pasta sauce, lentils, beans, tinned vegetables, tea, coffee, tinned fruit, biscuits, UHT milk, fruit juice.

I hope that you will all agree that both of these programs are worthy of your contribution and a wonderful way for our children to learn just how fortunate they are compared to millions across the world.

I look forward to your contributions and support.

Jazak Allah Khair

Soobia Khan

School Business Manager