Reading Activities


As I am sure you are aware from Ust Asif’s correspondence, this term our focus has been reading. Being a keen reader myself, I am passionate about developing reading habits in the children so that they appreciate and understand the magic of reading. I was just discussing with another teacher (outside of school) that if the children remain regular readers- maintaining their love of reading of a variety of genres- even after they have received their first smartphones, I would count that as a win!

I like to model myself as a reader- I want the children to know that reading is important for me and that I value it. On Monday and Wednesday, between 3 pm and 3.15 pm, we read quietly for pleasure. I join the children when they are reading and within a few minutes, we are all engrossed in our books and in fact, we find it difficult to pull ourselves away when the bell rings for the end of school!

Within class, I keep a record of the children’s reading so that I can recommend and suggest genres and books that children may enjoy. For example, after reading the story of Baba Yaga (a Russian mythical figure) I have suggested that those children who have an interest in traditional tales and other cultures should try The House with Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson. The purpose is to provide children with a great, gripping plot but slightly challenging language and style.

In guided reading lessons, the children are completing different tasks which encourage them to think critically and beyond the obvious about our reading and books. Here are some examples of some of the great work they have been doing (work based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens). I am really impressed with their higher level thinking skills and their ability to think about complex plots and characters, make connections and articulate their views. Well done!