Reception – Week 2 – Autumn 2

This week Reception has been learning about Jungle Animals.


There has been a change to the reception routine. The Arabic lesson has been changed from afternoon to morning and to accommodate this Reception will have their snack time a bit earlier than usual on a Monday followed by the Arabic lesson after which the children will go out for their break. This change has been really positive. 

After writing and drawing in their weekend news the children watched a brief educational video on the amazon rainforest and the animals that live there.

Reception also did some guided reading and revised their phonics.

Outdoors on the Tuff spot tray a mini jungle was set up with jungle animal toys for the children  identify


The children discussed different characteristics of Jungle animals. They specially had fun identifying which animals made which sounds and marvelled at the way Allah had made them. They also enjoyed listening to ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ where different jungle animals were described. 

Reception children tried copying and writing the words that were in the guided reading books. Most still need practicing with their pencil grip for which the reception team has been including various fine motor skills activities.


Reception coloured, decorated and cut out Lion masks today! 

During Carpet time children learnt about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and classified their favourite animals into the categories. 

They role played on the tuff spot tray setup with different jungle animals for example tiger stalking the zebras

For phonics the children revised and copied simple words from the phonic phase 1 books.


Reception decorated snake templates with different patterns and colours and cut them out so that they form a spiral. To aid with their fine motor skills children practiced, using zippers, tying knots and doing buttons. 

The children practiced writing numbers paying special attention to the placement of numbers after 10. Most were able to successfully say which 2 numbers made up a double digit number.


Today in reception we learnt about the 5 Salah. They learnt the names of Salah, what time they are prayed, how many rakahs and what special Salah is performed on Friday (Jummah Prayers) and special preparations for Jummah.

After snack the children used wind streamers to make patterns in the air and played what’s the time Mr.Wolf for P. E. 

Next week we will learn about Jungle and Zoo Animals.

Other Matters

  • Reading books go out on Monday and to be returned on Friday.
  • Friday 2 to 3 pieces of homework go out to be returned on Tuesday.
  • Weekend readers go out along with homework on Fridays to be returned on Tuesdays. These books will be in various reading abilities where the parents should read along with their children.
  • We would also like to remind parents to label book bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, coats and specially school jumpers. 
  • No fruit juices, crisps or chocolate spread please and we would like to remind you that we are a nut free school. 
  • Golden time/show and tell Friday