Reception – Week 3 – Autumn 2

This week Reception continued learning about Jungle Animals and Zoo animals.


After writing and drawing in their weekend news the children finalised their animal masks. The tuff spot tray was set up with a Red Riding hood setting and the children have been role playing the story of Red Riding Hood.

Children also did weaving with paper ribbons and made shapes with magnetic shapes.

The Purple group had their guided reading session today after which the whole class counted, wrote and copied numbers 1-20


The children watched an educational video on jungle and zoo animals. They answered questions afterwards to show their good listening skills. The phonics letter of the day was ‘g’ and some of the children guessed ‘Gorilla’ and ‘Goat’ to tie in with the week’s topic.

The Orange group had their guided reading after which the whole class copied and wrote the letter ‘g’ on their white boards. 

Continuing from yesterday’s story of Little Red Riding Hood, children were successful in their attempt at story sequencing.


Reception used paint, stencils and brushes to create a jungle environment today!

The children watched an educational video on London Zoo and compared the way the animals lived in their natural habitat and in captivity.

Blue group had their turn at guided reading after which the class as a whole did simple additions and learnt about the ‘+’ sign


Today Reception made paper chain snakes. Continuing with our topic of the week children have been discussing animals. They were given  animal names and asked to think of descriptive words. 

The children had lots of fun outside piling up the fallen autumn leaves. 

They practiced tracing and copying their names and for numeracy they learnt 2D and 3D shapes.


Reception learnt about Prophet Nuh today. They learnt how Allah commanded a pair from all the creatures in the world to board the Arc. Children also learnt characteristics of a good muslim.

After snack the children ran an obstacle course of hoops and balance beams and also aimed and threw hoops on to cones for hand eye coordination.

Next week we will learn about Farm Animals.


I know many of you are wondering what is happening with the recruitment of the Reception Teacher. I would like to reassure you all that we are actively still looking for a teacher. Unfortunately to date we have not managed to find someone suitable for the role though we have conducted interviews. The provision of high quality teaching is our highest priority and we are doing everything we can to fill this role as soon as possible.

I ask you to please bear with us during this time. As soon as we appoint someone I will update you all. jzk

Targets and Phone Meetings

Targets will be sent home on Wednesday 25th November and phone meetings will take place between 12pm and 3pm on Friday 27th November. A link to book the meeting will be sent out shortly.

Other Matters

  • Reading books go out on Monday and to be returned on Friday.
  • Friday 2 to 3 pieces of homework go out to be returned on Tuesday.
  • Weekend readers go out along with homework on Fridays to be returned on Tuesdays. These books will be in various reading abilities where the parents should read along with their children.
  • We would also like to remind parents to label book bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, coats and specially school jumpers. 
  • No fruit juices, crisps or chocolate spread please and we would like to remind you that we are a nut free school. 
  • Golden time/show and tell Friday