Reception – Week 5

This week in Reception the topic was “All about my friends”.

The children have been learning about what are the qualities of a good friend and how friends should be treated.


After drawing and writing about their weekend news, the children drew their friends’ faces and decorated them using different materials. They counted how many girls and boys made up their class and compared the two numbers. 

The children talked about ‘the magic’ words….when asked if they knew what it was, the most popular answer was ‘Abracadabra!!!’ which was a very good guess but they learnt that the real magic words were actually ‘please’, thank you’, ‘excuse me’ and ‘sorry’. They also discussed in what instances they could use those words and how much it made a part of being a good friend.

Outside play was very exciting as there was a “Hit the Bullseye” board and the children enjoyed throwing the velcro balls at the target and adding up their score. At the water play station some of the children decided to give the little baby doll a bath and others hunted for leaves to decorate their art when they got inside. 

For phonics the children learnt the sound ‘k’ and guessed words with that sound and they also revised the sound ‘p’ from the week before and they started on their phase 1 guided reading.


Today we had an ocean set up for the children to explore in class today! There were different kinds of sea creatures which the children had to guess. 

There were magnetic numbers randomly arranged on the magnetic boards which the children had to put in order and some border sewing to improve the children’s fine motor skills. For Literacy the children traced and copied their names and for numeracy the children counted 1 to 10 and then back to 1 again. 

Children continued to discuss the qualities of a good friend such as using magic words, being kind, being generous, sharing and taking turns.

Outside the children did some painting using stamp stencils, and pretended to be super heroes helping their friends.

For phonics the children learnt the sound ‘u’ and talked about how the letter ‘u’ can have two sounds…as in ‘up’ and ‘unicorn’.


Today the children learnt that trees and plants are friends too. Trees clean the air we breath and give us food. They learnt about the life cycle of trees as well – how seeds turns into seedlings, which grow into trees that bear flower buds that then grow into flowers and which in turn bear fruits and this cycle starts all over again. The children also attempted to create a friendship tree with their hand print as leaves. 

Outdoors Reception class showed their skills with an activity of aiming practice where they had to throw things into a circular hoop. On the messy tray there were lots of dry leaves for the children to count and create artistic masterpieces.

During Phonics  we revised the letter ‘u’, copied the letters on the white boards and thought of words that began with ‘u’. 


The Children planted watercress seeds today! In shaa Allah if they look after their seeds properly they can have a lovely watercress salad in 2 to 3 weeks.

They used geometric shapes and made necklaces out of leaves to use fine motor skills.

They also made cards for their friends with lovely messages. There were also Mr. Puppet Owl and Mr. Puppet Wolf to teach then about how to be good friends with the help of Usthada.

The children listened to the Story of the Rainbow fish to learn about friendship and sharing.  

Outside the Children improved their coordination skills by balancing on logs and tires and used a pulley system in transporting toy bricks up and down.

For phonics we learnt the sound ‘c’ and ‘s’ and for numeracy practiced numbers 1-20


Today the children were introduced to the 5 pillars of Islam and listened to a Nasheed.

They also used  their fine motor skills to thread dried leaves.

After snack the children did P. E. They had fun racing each other and running an obstacle course of cones.  Afterwards they has a mini picnic and had their milk outside to refresh themselves. 

A Few Reminders / Updates

  • Homework will be sent every Friday and should be returned on Tuesday.
  • Reading books will go out on Monday and should be returned on Friday.
  • We would also like to remind parents to label book bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, coats and especially school jumpers. 
  • Fruit juices or chocolate spread are not allowed and we would like to remind you that we are a nut free school. 
  • Please encourage the children to follow the class rules such as criss cross apple sauce, hands on your lap, being kind to our friends, walking in class instead of running and also have a conversation about sharing and taking turns
  • There will be Golden Time / Show and Tell on Fridays. Please encourage your child to bring something in they can share with the class.


Please  point out any interesting buildings or landmarks on your way to school so that we can discuss what the children have seen in class.

Wishing you all a wonderful, safe weekend

The Reception Team